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We are a boutique investment firm, specializes in Israel and in the U.S. 

Bechora was one of the first firms in Israel that managed investments for private clients. 

The company was founded by senior investment managers working for Bank Leumi's subsudiary investment firm.

We opened our first office in 1982 in Tel Aviv, which was a small office for only five people.

Today, we are one of the biggest investment firms in Israel which engages solely in portfolio management for private clients and corporations.

We are a familial company. We believe in transparency and fairness. We hold a long and respectful list of clients, many of whom are with us for decades.


Why us

We engage only in managing investments for our clients. We do not posses any other activities such as pension funds, mutual funds, etc. We do not receive any commissions from third parties

Tailored made portfolio

We know how to build a tailored made portfolio, given your risk approach preference and in accordance with your financial goals

Buying assets using "stock picking" approach

We believe in buying financial assets using "stock picking" approach, meaning each asset we purchase was carefully analyzed through micro perspective and in line with our strategy

Our personal touch

Personal relations are our way of life. We will get to know you and your unique financial needs.

Our clients are able to stay in touch with us at all times, at any form of media they desire

Let's discuss your financial goals




Bechora Consulting & Investment Services Ltd.

16 Tiomkin St, 2nd Floor

Tel Aviv 6578317, Israel

Tel. 972-3-5287555


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